Early Years

Everything we achieve in life starts with our ability to imagine it first. We then need to have the creativity and self-belief to make it happen. 

In the early years, it is so important that we nurture these 3 things- IMAGINATION, SELF-BELIEF, CREATIVITY because these, along with an environment that inspires children to want to learn and explore their own interests, will lay the foundations for them to create a future full of purpose, happiness and success.

Newborn babies come into the world ready and eager to learn. This desire and interest to engage, communicate and learn about the world around them continues throughout their early years. Young children are active explorers and our tiny toes programme centred around the concept of 'learning through dance' offers the perfect environment to develop these skills.

Tiny toes ballet is the only pre-school ballet programme in the UK that is fully integrated with the EYFS curriculum for babies and children from 6 months to seven years old. Having been founded and developed by a professionally trained classical ballet dancer, a qualified ballet teacher and a highly experienced primary school teacher. We offer fun, educational dance classes for a child's first seven years when development is at it's prime.Our Award-winning programme takes the learner on a magical themed journey every week where they are encouraged to imagine, create and explore and develop their true potential within a fun-filled and nurturing environment.

With imaginations galore all that's left is to explore as we enter the magical world of http://www.tinytoesballet.co.uk......