A Personalised Book that tracks your child's development through the tiny toes programme.

 “I am a mum with no ballet experience, this book has helped me to feel part of my daughters’ journey into the world of dance and it helps me to feel confident to support her in her development. Thank you tiny toes ballet!” Clare Stanley- Stafford

This month I was delighted to launch our Brand New Learning Journey!

This book, which has been under construction for more than a year, tracks each child’s development and progression through the 5 stages of the tiny toes ballet programme. It contains 180 simple, but meaningful learning objectives as well as useful ballet explanations, pictures and terminology so that our parents can help support their child in the tiny toes journey.

An instant photo is taken at each child’s very first class and placed in their book, to mark the start of their tiny toes journey.

Since tiny toes began in 2011, each plan, for every class and every stage of our programme has been carefully designed to include dance with age appropriate learning outcomes from the EYFS curriculum. Every piece of music, every exercise, idea and movement is carefully prepared to create exceptional plans that are age appropriate and develop the whole child. Each plan is around 12-15 pages long and regularly updated inline with the latest educational research.

In the past we printed weekly stickers, with a clear learning outcome, taken from our comprehensive plans. However, I felt that even though parents appreciated finding out what their child had achieved each week, they had no record of the ongoing progress they were making, apart from watching their child grow and develop each week.

As a parent I know how precious these early years are, and how I love to keep memories and keepsakes of my little ones because, as we know, they aren’t little for long. During the first five years children develop so rapidly and its so lovely to have keepsakes and tangible memories to look back on in years to come.

The learning journeys have been received so well at classes this week.

Clare Stanley from Stafford, whose daughter attended class for the first time this week, said

The welcome pack is fantastic value. A reusable bag, CD and the learning journey. My daughter enjoyed having her photo taken at her very first class and putting it into her learning journey book, she also received a star for the learning objective she achieved during the class and as a mum I can see each week what the class objective will be and when this is likely to be achieved.  Each learning outcome is a clear age appropriate progression of a specific skill. It really does track the child and their whole development through the tiny toes programme. As a result, I can be part of her learning journey and practise with her at home. The very useful ballet techniques, explanations, tips and positions are shown in the book, so I can help her. My daughter has already been practising and can’t wait to be back in class next week with her new friends.”

At tiny toes ballet we firmly believe that each child is an individual and needs to be given every opportunity to reach their full potential. Our creative, nurturing and fun syllabus allows all children to develop and flourish. As the founder of the programme, it is a privilege and joy to behold seeing even our shyest little children grow into confident mature dancers and develop a love of learning and dance. I hope that these new learning journeys will be used and cherished by our tiny toes families for years to come!

Emma Morgan, founder & director of tiny toes ballet