What's it like to run a tiny toes ballet franchise?

Hi, I’m Miss. Emma founder and director of tiny toes ballet. I am now a franchisor with ten successful franchises in various parts of the UK. However, deep down I wouldn’t describe myself as a business woman. Tiny toes ballet was born out of love and a passion to share the joy of dance and the power of learning through movement. This passion is still what drives me when I wake up every morning.


How did the franchise begin?

I began the company in 2011, whilst working as a full-time primary school teacher. Within 6 months of its launch I was teaching tiny toes ballet classes on both a Saturday and Sunday morning to keep up with the ever-growing demand. At this time, I had a 14-month-old baby, was pregnant with my second child and was working 7 days a week.

As demand continued to grow I began to employ teachers and stopped working as a primary school teacher. In 2016 I franchised the company; it was the best way forward to continue its growth and expansion.

I chose to follow the franchise path; however, I am still passionate and avid that the quality of the lessons delivered to our pupils remains of the highest standard. It is for this reason that I have allowed the company to grown organically, just as it has from its very beginnings. I do not actively spend my time advertising for new franchisee’s, but instead spend more time helping and supporting my existing franchise areas.

“Juggling my role as a Primary School Teacher, new mother and a Tiny Toes Franchisee is like pirouetting with a plate on ones head. However Tiny Toes Ballet franchise provides me with the platform to do just that. As with every enterprise there are challenges however with hard work and dedication TTB has allowed me the opportunity to successfully fulfil and combine all three roles for which I consider myself privileged and extremely grateful.”


The tiny toes franchise model has been developed to work as a full time or part time franchise. Most of my current franchisee’s, like myself have young children and want a part-time business that works around their family.

Tiny toes franchise was perfect for me as it fits perfectly around my family, being able to pick my hours which suits my family’s needs is just amazing.”


So, what’s it like to run a franchise network?

Well every day is different, challenging and exciting. I might visit a franchisee, watch classes and discuss their business, helping them to set and achieve goals. I spend time reviewing and editing our extensive plans, resources, making videos to accompany each exercise and keeping up to date with the latest educational research. A lot of time is also spent updating and adding to the extensive portal of business resources that our franchisee have access to. Recently I created and launched our brand new learning journey, a book that we give to each tiny toes pupil, which contains 180 learning outcomes and tracks their progress and development through the tiny toes programme. I also work with schools to deliver training to teachers, and I teach primary school pupils’ various elements of the National Curriculum through the medium of dance.

"I really enjoy being part of the tiny toes Ballet franchise. It's given me the opportunity to grow my teaching skills while running my own franchise. I have dyslexia and dyscalculia, so running a franchise gives me the support I need with admin and accounts etc. running a franchise has given me an opportunity to follow my dream of teaching and running my own classes, something I didn't think I’d be able to do."


I am always at the end of the phone or email and speak to all my franchisee’s weekly. We meet up for social events once a year and I also offer regular training for all our franchisee’s. As a primary school teacher and dance teacher I always thrived in seeing the development and progress in each pupil. It’s the same with my franchisee’s; I get so much satisfaction in supporting them to grow their business and achieve their goals. It’s a privilege to help other women feel inspired and encouraged to make their passion a reality and to follow their dreams of running their own successful business.

Emma Morgan (Founder & Director of tiny toes ballet ltd.)