From tiny toes to confident young ladies

Hi, I'm miss. Emma and I’ve been looking through old photos this week and reminiscing about when I first began our very first tiny toes ballet classes, one Saturday morning in a church hall in Sketty, Swansea with a handful of pupils.

I have photos of those pupils who first walked through the doors in 2011 and I am so privileged and lucky to still be teaching so many of them today as they prepare for the RAD Grade three examination.

Here is Freya aged 2, Seren aged 2 and Lilly aged 3 dancing as tiny toes pupils all those years ago!


Now aged 9 and 10 years old, these pupils have passed their Grade 1 & 2 ballet exams and are about to take thier Grade 3 examination.

Here is Seren aged 9 as Tinkerbell in a 'Peter Pan' performance . Her mum Judith says


Tiny toes ballet has helped Seren develop from a shy and clingy toddler, into a confident, graceful and disciplined young lady. Out of all the hobbies she has tried, ballet is the only one she has never had to be persuaded to participate in. The experience she has gained from performing on stage, on five occasions has been invaluable and her involvement has inspired us a a family to go to watch professional ballet companies on a regular basis (something which we would not have done before) and which has provided us with special family time and memories which we will cherish forever. I have no illusions that she will ever do ballet professionally but I really appreciate the discipline she has acquired from attending classes and the confidence and enjoyment it has given her."

So much more than just a dance class!

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