We're supporting Children in Need

This week, to Support Children in Need, we have auctioned a bespoke and personalised ‘Tiny toes ballet’ party. All money raised will be sent straight to Children in Need, adding to the record which currently stands at over £1 billion this year!


We all know children parties are a big thing nowadays and its always difficult to think of something new and exciting which hasn’t already been done. Our parties offer a unique experience, where the birthday child can tell us what they’d like for their party- from Rainbows,  Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter to Disco Diva’s; we then create a bespoke party theming all the dancing, music, games and prizes around the birthday child’s choice.

I always remember creating a bespoke party for a little girl called Chloe, she was turning five. She explained to me that she wanted a ‘Frozen’ theme party and would be inviting all the girls and boys from her class, 30 in total.  Chloe’s mum warned me that more than half the class were boys and she didn’t think they would join in the frozen themed dance party but not to worry.  Well I love a challenge, and I was determined, in order to ensure Chloe had the most wonderful party which included all her friends (boys as well as girls), to plan and present a ‘Frozen’ themed party that appealed to everyone.

When I arrived at the venue sure enough, many of the boy’s parents came to speak to me to reconfirm that their son had told them that they wouldn’t be joining in the dancing. They just wanted, out of courtesy and politeness, to let me know beforehand.

It was “one of the best parties I have ever been too” in the words of one of Chloe’s classmates (who happened to be a boy). I found it was so rewarding and so lovely to see how happy Chloe, the birthday girl was, when she saw all 30 of her classmates joining in and sharing her love of dancing. The boy’s parents were amazed and so pleased too, and everyone had a such a wonderful time.

So, we at Head office, thought what better way to raise money for such a worthwhile cause, than by sharing the happiness of a dance party with lots more children.

So far, the bid is at £66 and closes tomorrow evening. It is wonderful to be supporting Children in Need which currently funds 2,400 projects helping children who face a range of disadvantages, such as poverty, abuse and physical disability. If you’d like to bid for the party just pop over to our Facebook page here or for more information about our bespoke party packages click here

Emma Morgan, founder & director of tiny toes ballet ltd.