Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospitol. GOSH

Every year we, at tiny toes ballet spend a month of the year dedicating our time and effort to our chosen chairity. This year all of our franchises raised money to donate to Great Ormand Street Childrens Hospitol (GOSH). Miss Bianca from Tiny Toes Ballet Staffordshire tells us more:

"This year the chosen charity for Tiny Toes Ballet was GOSH children’s charity. I wanted to raise as much as possible and decided to perform for all of our dancers across Staffordshire. As a teacher in class the children only see me teach and this was a wonderful opportunity to perform for all of them at the end of each class.

We raised over £200 in advance of our Charity classes. The children were all so excited, we did some of our usual ballet class to start with and then I asked for parents, family and friends join us for the charity danceathon. To celebrate in raising more money we brought home-made cakes and goodies in to class, so whilst I quickly changed in to my performance costume the children and families could help themselves to a wonderful treat.

Stepping out in my costume and the room was quiet, I felt a little nervous, but I hit the play button on my music and what happened then was something rather amazing. The children stopped eating their cakes, they were gazing at me in amazement and all in all it was most possibly the best feeling I have ever experienced in dance before. We were raising money for GOSH but also my little dancers were in ore, I want to dance like Miss Bianca mummy. Staffordshire raised over £520.00 which was really incredible.

I then was asked to visit GOSH with the founder of Tiny Toes Ballet Miss Emma. It was very touching moment, a feeling I am unsure how to describe. We didn’t have much space but what we did have was children taking part, looking through the door, joining us when they heard music they liked. One particular dancer, asked to be videoed to be able to show her dad on her return home. She had never danced before and she danced with so much feeling my heart could have exploded. She was a natural, her mum was so proud and so were myself and Miss Emma".   

Watch Miss Bianca perform at GOSH here:

We are so proud to have raised and donated almost £3,000 for GOSH and are looking forward to suporting Sport Relief in 2020.