"I think doing this is going to be really valuable. It will be precious time we can keep special to do something together. And I am definitely less lonely."

"Thank you so much, tiny toes ballet, for keeping some 'normality' in our lives. We love the classes so much so it's absolutely wonderful what you are now offering. Thank you!"

With the current situation it is a very difficult time for everyone. Your child’s world has been turned upside down. So many things they are used to have changed or altered.  As I am sure you know, children need routine, familiarity and consistency more than ever at a time like this. That is why we are continuing to offer classes to our pupils because at a time like this they need to see a familiar face and continue with their ‘normal’ in whatever way possible.

Our new term 5 classes are now available to book online and as a teacher I know that this offering is worth more than just a weekly ballet class for your child – it is offering them security, reassurance, routine and familiarly that is so important for them right now.

Our weekly interactive classes allow our teachers to see the pupils, to respond to and chat to them. It allows and the pupils to see their friends at appropriate times during the class and also has other functions to help pupils feel engaged in the lesson such as ‘hands up’ and ‘reactions’ button so pupils (or parents on their behalf) can respond to the teacher’s questions. 

We can share screens with the pupils to show them themed images or relevant recordings during the class and we can also share a link or attachments with them, so that they have a follow up activity before the next week of classes. Our aim is to make our online classes fun, engaging and interactive for our pupils.

Please stay active, stay happy and stay safe.