Your child is always learning through dance.

At tiny toes ballet, your child is always learning through dance

Whether online or face-to-face, at tiny toes ballet, your child is always learning through dance. 

Since moving classes online & live via Zoom your child is having to adapt in ways which are new to us all but one thing we can make sure of, is that they are still developing and learning along the way. That is why this term we are sending post class age appropriate activities linked with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, to enjoy at home, after class.

We know that the first five years of life are some of the most important in a child’s development which is why we want your little ones to keep learning away from class. Alongside our class plans, the learning activities are specially written in connection with the EYFS curriculum, ensuring that all areas of learning our focused upon. From numeracy to literacy and encouraging your child to get creative and use their imagination at home, we believe in the importance of our pupils learning about the world around them and learning through the medium of dance.


But why dance? Because dance integrates kinaesthetic learning with understanding. Our post class activities will get you singing, moving and making. Did you know that singing songs to your little one helps develop early language and literacy skills, such as auditory discrimination, phonological awareness, vocabulary development, and auditory memory? It is also true that babies are years away from being able to say ‘one, two and three’ but they actually already have a sense of what counting means. Most children don’t actually understand the full meaning of number words until they are about 4 years old however counting out loud with your child, like we do in class, and introducing them to counting books helps them understand the concept well before the pre-school years.


Within all the extra weekly activities we send to you, there is a huge focus on creativity. Did you know that ‘creativity’ is classed within the top three skills that the workforce looks for in an employee? The ability to be imaginative and to ‘think outside the box’ is so important which is why our classes are planned around adventure themes. Children are naturally so creative and imaginative- it is so important for us to nurture and develop this as a skill throughout their childhood.

Here at tiny toes ballet, we are so much more than just a dance class. We offer fun, educational dance classes and we understand how important it is to encourage learning through dance NOW when development is at its prime.

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