VE Day Winner- My dancing journey

During our VE Day 75th celebrations at Head Office, out founder, Miss Emma posted a video of herself doing the Charlston Stroll and we asked our tiny toes dancers and families to send us their videos in. Here is the winning entry- Ivy, her brother Oscar and mum Gemma
We were so impressed by their dance routine we asked dancer, Ivy to write us a little something:

Here is Ivy's Dancing Journey Recount:

"When I was two years old, I saw some Irish dancers in front of
a shop. I told my mum that I wanted to dance like that. There
were no Irish dancing classes for my age group, so the closest
thing was tiny toes ballet class. The moment I started I loved it.
So, I decided to carry on. I started off in a class called twinkle
toes, learning funny dances like pirates and fairies.
Then I progressed to a class called twirlers which was also very fun but slightly more structured. Then I graduated to spinners which was more focused than the other two but still just as fun! Once I graduated from spinners, I went into Dance Academy Wales (with Miss. Emma who owns tiny toes ballet). The grades in Aance Academy go from 1 to 8. I started in grade 1 which was hard work, but it was very rewarding when I passed my exam. Not too long ago, I passed my grade 3 exam and it was very, VERY hard. I had to take extra classes every week, but it was worth it.
Now, in grade 4, I have a class every week and am thoroughly enjoying every one.
Thank you for listening to my adventure, now go have your own!
Love, Ivy."
Ivy's mum says:

 "I've got so many videos of classes and Ivy is absolutely beaming in all of them. Some of my favourite memories of us spending time together are from tiny toes"

Thank you Ivy and Well done for winning the competition!