Safe return to class for September: COVID-19 Precautions

We are delighted to be offering our tiny toes classes back at venues from September. We have been busily preparing a safe return and we cannot wait to see you all back at class; to see how much you have grown and to hear all about what you have been doing during lockdown!

We are so excited to welcome you back to tiny toes classes soon!

Take a look at what to expect when in venues

Following government guidelines, we have the following procedures in place.

- Each of our venues will have a deep clean before and after our use. We will also be cleaning the venue in between each class. This will include fogging, spraying and wiping using disinfectant, the venue and things that are touched and used: door handles, door surfaces, walls, toilets, bins, floor mats (this is not an exclusive list)

- There will always be two members of staff at every class to help assist you, your little one and with the cleaning. This will help keep a quick and smooth transition between classes, entrance and exists. With this extra work and having two members of staff at every lesson you may find that the class is a little shorter than usual. We will try our best for this to be barely noticeable.

- All teachers and assistants will have face masks and shields. We will not wear these whilst teaching as we will keep the 2-metre social distance rule at all times. However, in the event that we are less than 2 metres away, we will pop on our PPE equipment for the duration. We ask grown-ups that drop off/dance with their little one to also wear a facemask in order to keep everyone safe (unless medical reasons prevent them from doing so).

- Please only bring what you must to class, this includes people. Ideally it must be one grown up and one dancer. Please have your dancer ready to go and bring a bottle of water for you both and any medication either of you need. If you have a younger sibling that will be joining us, please have them strapped to you if they are not yet mobile. If they are mobile please keep them next to you and in your assigned dance space (if you are in Twinkle or Talent Toes where grown-ups stay with children)

- Tip Toes, Twinkle Toes & Talent Toes parents are usually in the class anyway. Please ensure you stay with your dancer in their designated dance space. Twirlers & Spinners will be dropped off and grown ups will leave the venue. There will be no waiting area

- Every dancer will be given a designated dance space.  2 metres from their dance space will be the next dance space. All dance spaces will be 2 metres apart. The shape and layout will depend on the size of the hall.

-We will have hand sanitiser stations at the entrance of the hall which we ask everyone to use. Once in the hall you will go straight to your designated space (we will show you) and either drop your dancer off or prepare for class. When leaving the class, you will stay in your dance space and take it in turns to leave via a different door. If you have a Twirler or Spinner dancer you will enter to collect them the same way as you dropped them off.

- The toilet facilities will be open and can be used during class in the case of emergencies. We will escort any Twirler and Spinner dancer to use the toilet. Toilets will be closed 5 minutes before the end of class in order to be cleaned.

- We will NOT be giving out resources in class. Each teacher will send a detailed email to all those that have booked Term 1. All resources can be homemade and not a lot is needed. Your teacher will email and use social media to let you know what resources are required.

See you soon!