Hope House & Children in Need

Tiny toes ballet is delighted to be part of Children In Need in our own way- as a company, we have recently sponsored Mariam who lives in a remote village in Uganda. Please read about HOPE HOUSE - enju ya'masiko here.

"As Mariam lives in a remote area of the village someone ran to tell her about the sponsorship and that she could go to school"

Miss Holland, who has dedicated her life to helping these children since she first visited Uganda in 2013 told us "They are thrilled and thank you so much. They've had the baby since I left. Little Mariam will have a lot on her shoulders when she is older and educated. Many of her siblings will be dependent on her too. They tell me she is 4 years old now. PS They only had yam to eat so we have arranged for them to have some extra food so the children have a bit more of a balanced diet"

HOPE HOUSE - enju ya'masiko have set up a wonderful opportunity where you can sponsor a child for £25 a month- this covers the child and their family’s food and medical needs as well as schooling for a month for the sponsored child. As part of sponsoring these children, they will send updates as to their progress. You will also be able to write and email to them as well if you wish to do so


We are happy to be able to share just a little insight into Mariam journey with our Tiny toes families. It could be wonderful for our dancers to see and learn about Mariam, and to connect with these children who are the same age but have such different lives to them. We can't change the world for everyone, but we can change it for someone

Please visit HOPE HOUSE - enju ya'masiko Facebook page HERE and learn more abouit what they do