"Just got back from an ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT party. All the boys and girls enjoyed themselves and Miss. Jen was fabulous, worth her weight in gold! We would certainly recommend a Tiny Toes party".


All parties are individually planned and personalised around a theme of your choosing.

A One hour party from £85 will include:

Any theme you choose from Superheros to Rainbows to Alice in Wonderland….. we will tailor make it, especially for your child.

Lots of dancing including any specially requested tiny toes dances and songs from class.

A treasure hunt

Numerous props, instruments, parachute time and bubbles for every child.

A gift for the birthday child.

If you are interested in a tiny toes ballet party please go to the location page on the website and contact your local tiny toes ballet teacher for details and a booking form. Alternatively, contact us here and we can direct you to a suitable tiny toes teacher in your area.