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Tiny toes ballet is the only pre-school ballet programme in the UK that is fully integrated with the EYFS curriculum, having been founded and developed by not only a Professionally trained Classical Ballet Dancer and Qualified Ballet teacher but also a highly experienced Primary School Teacher.


Tiny toes ballet offers fun, educational dance classes for a child's first seven years when development is at it's prime.

Our Award-winning, themed classes focus on movement, a child's first language, and enhance everything from motor coordination to rhythm, language, and social skills. The tiny toes ballet programme is tailored and carefully planned to meet the needs of each stage of development. This is exemplified in our Learning Journey keepsake book that you will receive when you begin your classes with us.



All the classes involve dance exploration, ballet technique, musical instruments and sensory-rich props and resources. You will share quality time with your child and learn about their development. Our experienced and talented teachers, who specialise in this age group, will create a friendly environment where you can also enjoy the company of other parents.




Why Ballet?

Our syllabus has ballet at its core because ballet is the foundation of all dance genres. All professional dancers will have studied ballet because it is the most proven model for dance training. Ballet is, therefore, the perfect base for a child to begin their dance journey. Our award-winning programme ensures that pupils learn key concepts and techniques that can be applied to all dance genres.

Celebrating success, building confidence and self-esteem.

We present certificates and badges on completion of each stage as well as medals and trophies at the end of each year. We hold annual shows, performance opportunities, holiday workshops, theatre trips and themed birthday parties.