I just wanted to say what an absolutely brilliant time we both had at her Tiny Toes taster session last week! She enjoyed it so much! I've never seen her so totally engrossed for so long a period of time it was wonderful to watch. 

Mum Hannah and daughter Laurie aged 2 (May 2015)


We love tiny toes ballet and recommend it to everyone.  Your classes are like a fairytale and are the highlight of my daughter's week.

Mum Claire and daughter Adele aged 3 (January 2015)


I think the classes are wonderful: the structure of the lessons and themes are fantastic, they've made my little girl fall in love with music and dancing!

Mum Laura and daughter Emily aged 2 (December 2014)


I think one of the best things about Tiny Toes Ballet is the way that the teacher gets all the children involved. The teachers manner, passion and personality captures their attention. My daughter, Isla has been going to Tiny Toes Ballet since she was six months old. She really loves the whole princess, fairy tale themes and has learnt lots of ballet movements through play and having fun. Each term has a different theme such as Sleeping Beauty. The lessons have core elements which stay the same and new concepts are introduced which keep the children really excited and engaged. Tiny Toes Ballet is the best structured pre-school class I have ever been to, which is a credit to the Tiny Toes programme and teachers.

Mum Sarah and daughter to Isla aged 3 and son Harrison aged 4 (December 2014)


I'd just like to say how lovely this class is ... it's wonderful to see the children enjoying themselves in such a gentle, fun, well planned and well taught atmosphere.  The structure is brilliant, and i'm sure the mums and dads enjoy as much as the children.
Every week, my daughter is excited to find it's 'Ballet day' on a Saturday, and rushes home after each class to show family and friends what she's learnt :)  We just wanted to say a big thank you to all involved

Mum Sara and daughter Millie aged 2


He loved the exercises and themes you introduced each week and it is so evident that the training has had an effect on the way he moves and expresses himself – I think you are a fantastic teacher and what you offer through your curriculum is wonderful!

Mum, Luan and son Osian aged 4 years.


An excellent class which has introduced Megan to a lifelong love of music and dance I’m sure!  

Mum, Steph and daughter Megan aged 2 years.


Tiny toes ballet has increased my daughter confidence dramatically. A fabulous inspirational teacher who has brought out the best in my daughter!

Mum, Louise and daughter Evie aged 4 years.


It has been the best baby activity recommendation I have had

Mum, Claire and daughters Nia and Rhian aged 5 and 3 years. 


The environment is thoroughly positive and encouraging and consequently the children are keen to develop and interact. We love it!

Mum, Rebecca and daughter Eira aged 2 years


Thanks for a lovely end of year class and the medals, Eliza loves her and has had a great year dancing and practising at home!  The classes have been excellent preparation for starting school as she has really learnt to listen and follow the teacher in ballet which I'm sure has helped her settle into school as well as build confidence amongst lots of new children. Looking forward to next term .

Mum, Jody and daughter Eliza aged 3


The quality of the experience is fantastic! For my child there are so many benefits of tiny toes classes; confidence, relationships with adults and children, musicality, physical development and the enjoyment of dance and performance, regardless of ability.

Mum, Sarah and daughter Grace aged 3


Tiny toes ballet has helped to develop my daughter’s social skills; she is learning to share and has grown in confidence. Her language has also really developed. My daughter loves the exciting music and variety of activities.

Mum Elizabeth and daughter Erin aged 2


Tiny toes ballet is a fantastic introduction to dance, movement and rhythm with exciting themes. Being a teacher I was pleased to see so many elements of early year’s education being incorporated into the classes.

Mum Clare and daughter Lara aged 4