Your Tiny Toes Journey

Welcome to tiny toes ballet™, a captivating world of educational movement and music for babies and toddlers from 6 months. Packed with dance, songs, friendship and laughter. We hope that with our continuous efforts and commitment, we will make this a worthwhile and enjoyable experience for you and child. 

Miss Emma, tiny toes Founder and Director, explains how we use the Learning Journey booklets

When you first join us you will receive your little ones learning journey booklet as part of your welcome pack. This informative and interactive booklet will help you to track your child's journey and progress through the course of the tiny toes ballet programme. It includes exciting learning objectives, outcomes and stickers for every step of their journey, a memory board, and a special page to show off their performances and shows along the way. 

Welcome Pack

You will receive a wonderful welcome pack at your first tiny toes class as well as a photograph of your child to place in their learning journey booklet. Your welcome pack is presented in a tiny toes ballet tote bag. We also offer eight exclusive tiny toes ballet music tracks, in a digital forma,t within yuor online tiny toes ballet account. Along with this fab pack we thought we would share our best tips with you too.



Don’t expect too much from your child too soon!

Your first classes may seem daunting and it isn’t unusual for the children to hide behind their parent’s legs. They will eventually get used to the structure of the class and their confidence will grow over the weeks to come. Once settled in (usually after 3-4 weeks), they will start joining in more readily. Don’t force or put pressure on your child to join in, gently encourage him or her to take part. 


The tiny toes ballet™ syllabus has been thoughtfully produced to develop and encourage childrens imagination, confidence and love of dance. There are also numerous other benefits which the classes create for pupils.

There is a different theme each 6-week term and the classes "provide an excellent balance between repetition and learning new skills". It is very important to develop this routine and repetition to ensure pupils feel confident and comfortable, thus providing them with an environment in which they can fully develop these skills


If you join in..... your child will join in (tip, twinkle and talent toes)

Please always feel free to join in. We encourage parent/carer participation, so your child feels comfortable. This will give your child more confidence and they will begin to copy you as well as us. Don’t be embarrassed as your child will enjoy watching you join in and as a result, will begin to interact more readily. (Please note in the Talent Toes class participation by the adult is encouraged but is not essential).


What to wear (tip, twinkle & talent toes 6 months - 3.5 years)

Please feel free to dress your child in comfortable clothes such as leggings, tights, jogging bottoms or shorts. Sensible footwear i.e. trainers, pumps are appropriate. Your teacher will also have a supply of ballet shoes who assist with fit for your child before or after the class.

Ballet clothes are available to order from your teacher in class, you can request our Merchandise order form to be emailed to you in advance, or pop over to our shop to download from our website.


Twirlers and Spinners class (Age 3.5 +)

Tiny toes ballet does not enter pupils into examinations at this young age. We offer performance opportunities and ‘Real Theatre’ performance experiences for all students aged 3.5 and above which will give pupils the opportunity to appreciate the true purpose of ballet; to perform in front of an audience. Each pupil will be presented with a small trophy for their participation.

The classes aim to develop your child’s confidence, body awareness, expression, posture and poise as well as learning classical ballet. Please feel free to see your teacher if you would like to discuss this further.

There is an obligatory uniform for the Twirlers and Spinner class. This can be viewed at our online shop and purchased from your teacher in class.


Girls - Pink or Lavander skirted leotard with tiny toes logo, matching ballet cardigan, pink tights or ballet socks, pink satin, sparkly or leather shoes. Hair tied back off the face.

Boys - Blue shorts, Tiny Toes t-shirt with a printed logo, white ballet socks and black leather ballet shoes.

All new pupils may attend their first term without this compulsory uniform.

Certificates will be awarded for each stage of the tiny toes ballet™syllabus, which is completed by the pupil. If your child is moving up to the next class, please inform your teacher towards the end of the term so that they can be awarded their certificate. 

At the last lesson of the Christmas and Easter term pupils are asked to invite people to come to watch them perform at their dance class.

On the last class of the Summer term, there will be a presentation ceremony for pupils in the Tip, Twinkle and Talent Toes classes, where each class will perform their chosen dances and exercises to an invited audience.