tiny toes balletClass Fees & Booking Process

The booking process is very simple. Just follow these simple steps to begin your Tiny Toes journey:

Try two classes

We know that children like to try different things and we understand that paying upfront can be an expensive exercise if they decide its not for them.

However, children also need time to adapt and get used to a new environment. It is natural for a child to watch the first week until they feel happy, safe and secure. We call week three the 'Magic Week' and by this time usually, see a huge difference in pupils participation.

We ask you to book a term of class (Usually 6 weeks in duration). However, if after the first two weeks, your child does not settle into the class, we offer a refund on the remaining weeks of the term.

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Class Fees

As we keep the space for your child whether they are there or not, we cannot refund you for any missed classes. If you know you are going to miss a class, we can offer you an extra class. Just speak to your teacher to arrange.


1. Find a class you want to book by searching:

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2. Once you have found the class you want to book just follow the online booking process, pay online and you will receive an email confirmation of your booking.

Join Waiting List

If the class you want to join is full just click to join the waiting list. You will receive an email with a priority booking date to book the next term of classes.

Class not open?

If the class you want to join is not open just click the contact form to email your tiny toes area and they will get in touch to tell you exactly when booking opens.

3. Once you have booked, paid and received your email confirmation you automatically become a tiny toes client and when you log in to your online account here you will automatically have priority booking for the next term of classes.


It is important, during the current term of classes, that you log in view and book next terms classes.

Your space will be held until the very last class of the current term. As soon as the current term ends, if you have not re-booked your space here it will be released for someone else.

If you want to re-book but need to move up to the next class please contact your teacher and let them know. They can advise you when booking opens or can change your priority class on your login page.

There is a one off welcome pack and joining fee of £8 for each child which includes the following:

  • Our unique ‘Learning Journey’ book which tracks your child’s development and progression through the 5 stages of the tiny toes ballet™ programme.
  • An instant photo taken of your child at their first tiny toes ballet class.
  • A tiny toes ballet tote bag
  • A certificate for every tiny toes stage completed
  • A digital copy of tiny toes ballet music used in class, so you can both practise at home!
  • Insurance cover for all classes
  • A free transfer to another tiny toes school- if you move house or change area. 

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