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Dancing classes for preschoolers and childrens ballet classes across the uk

Tiny toes ballet offers weekly dancing classes for preschoolers

We have classes for babies and children boys and girls from 6 months old to 7 years old.

Whether you are looking for ballerina classes for 4 year olds, dancing for 2 year olds or dance classes for 3 year olds we can guarantee that we have a class available for your little one.


Which Tiny toes ballerina classes are best for your little dancer? 

Tiny toes ballet is the only pre-school ballet and dance programme in the UK that is fully integrated with the EYFS curriculum, having been founded and developed by not only a professionally trained classical ballet dancer and qualified ballet teacher but also a highly experienced primary school teacher. 

Whether you are looking for ballerina classes for 4 year olds, dancing for 2 year olds, dance classes for 3 year olds for boys or girls! Tiny toes ballet has all of these classes available and so much more. 

FAQ's  Our classes are for Boys too- click here for more info

We offer both mainstream and inclusive dance classes for children with additional needs. 

Come and try our UK-wide award-winning pre-school children's ballet class which includes fun, learning, storytime and so much dancing! Our tip toes class dance class for babies from 6 months, twinkle toes ballet for 2 years old, talent toes for pre-school and 3-year-olds all the way up to spinners for seven-year-old children.

For details about our specially written 'Inclusive Dance Class' programme click here 

Tip Toes

6 - 18 months

Movement is the key to learning. Our tip-toes class is designed to support your baby through their natural developmental stages. Your child will be introduced to movement that develops their muscle tone, vision, balance, language, and motor skills. Be amazed as your little one flourishes in a relaxed and supportive environment.

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Twinkle Toes

18 months - 2.5 years

Your little one will enter our magical-themed dancing classes for preschoolers where imagination is boundless. Through imaginative role-play, your child will learn the basics of ballet with you at their side.

Using varied props and age-appropriate songs, they will learn about the world around them and explore feelings, words, and relationships with others.

Did you know that our ballet classes for 2 year olds and Dancing for 2 year olds is extremely beneficial to their early year's development.

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Talent Toes

2.5 - 4 years

Our talent toes preschool dance class develops basic ballet and dance skills, confidence, and musical appreciation. Your child will grow in independence as they begin to dance independently and with partners.

Using varied props and age-appropriate songs, our ballet classes for 2 - 4 year olds will use their imaginations & creativity. They will explore the world around them through our termly-themed topics. Parental participation is encouraged in our dancing classes for preschoolers but not essential.

Did you know that dance classes for 3 year olds can be really beneficial to their overall wellbeing and development.

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3.5 - 5 years

In the twirlers class, we introduce more techniques and enhanced ballet steps. Ballet is the foundation of all dance. Through our creative methods, we ensure that pupils learn key concepts and techniques that can be applied to all dance genres.

Whilst continuing our themed story-telling approach the pupils' creativity and imagination is enhanced and their learning environment is enriched. Children twirl out of class with a sense of pride and achievement and a smile on their face!

Our ballerina classes for 4 year olds are specifically designed and choreographed to introduce children to the core foundations of ballet in a fun and exciting way to capture their imaginations whilst they learn the core skills of ballet.


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5 - 7 years

The next step at tiny toes ballet is to move up to one of our Spinners classes. This follows the same themes as our pre-school level tiny toes ballet and dance classes. Pupils enhance their self-confidence whilst developing ballet technique, control, posture, coordination, and rhythm.

Our tiny toes ballet programme nurtures children's love of dance and gives them a secure and excellent foundation, upon which to continue their dance journey. At the end of our Tiny toes ballet programme, if your child chooses to continue ballet, they will be ready to enter a Grade One Ballet class.

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We also offer Tap classes for pupils aged 2.5 years upwards as follows:

When you first join us you will receive your little one's learning journey booklet as part of your welcome pack. This informative and interactive booklet will help you to track your child's journey and progress.

It includes exciting learning outcomes and stickers for every step of their journey. A memory board, and a special page to show off their performances along the way.

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