What happens in the tiny toes dance classes for children?

A sneak preview of tiny toes ballet dance classes

Whether you’re a tiny toes advocate or finding us for the first time, one of the most common questions is what happens in a children’s ballet class.

This guide gives you a sneaky look behind the scenes at the different dance classes for children of all ages. Including a look at the only pre-school dance programme in the UK to be fully integrated with the national curriculum (EYFS). 

What are the aims of the tiny toes ballet class?

dance helps babies developmentAs the only pre-school dance programme in the UK to be fully integrated with the national curriculum (EYFS), we are passionate about creating positive learning environments.

We encourage children’s development through dance, movement, and themed storytelling.

This helps children of all ages learn by using their creativity and imagination. Most importantly, it teaches them that learning can be fun!

How dance can boost your child's development


The tiny toes ballet dance syllabus

We offer different dance classes which are split by age as a seven-year-old will have different needs and abilities than a wobbling one-year-old.

Developed with dance at its heart

Our syllabus was developed by a professionally trained classical ballet dancer, a fully qualified ballet teacher, and an experienced primary school teacher. 

It ensures that children’s love of dancing is nurtured and provides them with an excellent foundation to continue their dance journey.

Eight stretches to do with your children at home
Supporting children’s learning and development through dance

We are the only pre-school ballet and dance class for children that is fully integrated with the EYFS curriculum.

The early years foundation stage (EYFS) framework sets standards that schools and childcare providers must meet to ensure the learning and development of children from birth to age five.

Learning games and activities to do with your children
Promotes creativity and imagination

To ensure that children are delighted and enthralled with concepts and themes they can both learn from and engage with, we explore a termly subject in an age-appropriate manner. 

Our current focus is on the 'Three Little Pigs' fairytale, with past termly themes including 'Travelling Around the World', and 'Athletes at the Olympics'. We also cover many national celebrations, such as 'The Jubilee'. 

Our children's ballet class locations
Designated Inclusive Dance Classes

To ensure that our award-winning dance and ballet programme is accessible, we designed a specifically written programme for children with additional needs.

We worked with a world champion para-dance teacher and physiotherapist to create our inclusive SEN dance programme. 

Learn more about our specially adapted dance lessons for children with additional needs

What dance classes for children do we offer?

Our entire learning journey covers babies from six months right up to children aged seven.

After leaving us they’ll have covered the 180 simple but meaningful learning objectives identified in their sticker books.

Dance classes for babiesTip Toes –

A dance class for babies 6-18 months old

These classes provide sensory-rich resources to help introduce your child to movement.

In a relaxed and supportive environment, parents or guardians can join their little ones to work through their natural developmental stages.

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ballet classes for toddlersTwinkle Toes -

A dance class for toddlers aged 18 months – 2.5 years old

Through imaginative role play, music and dance, little ones will learn about the world around them.

We cover some basics of ballet like jumping, twirling, and swaying to help prepare them for a dance later on.

The themed classes are designed to help them explore their feelings, words, sounds, and even relationships with others.

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Dance classes for young childrenTalent Toes –

A dance class for children aged 2.5 - 4 years

We explore the creativity and imagination of the children to help them develop basic ballet and dance skills. It also helps improve their confidence, independence, and musical appreciation.

You’ll still have the option to get involved with the dance class to promote your child’s development and learning.

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dance classes for under 5sTwirlers

A dance class for children aged 3.5 - 5 years old

We work on their foundation of dance, using creative methods to help prepare the children for their dance education.

Continuing to use themed storytelling approaches to enhance their creativity and imagination in a supportive learning environment. Our twirlers often leave class with a sense of pride and achievement.

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A ballet class for children aged between 5-7 years

Following the same themes as the dance classes for young children, we work on enhancing their self-confidence while developing ballet techniques.

The classes also work on their posture, coordination, rhythm, and musical appreciation. The children should leave this class and be ready to enter a grade one ballet class.

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Tap dancing classes for children aged 2.5+ years

We also offer another medium of dance as classes for children aged over 2.5 years old.

We feel this helps support them on their dance journey and music appreciation.

Dance classes designed for children with additional needs

We’ve always welcomed children of all abilities into our mainstream ballet classes.

To ensure that children’s additional needs and considerations are at the centre of our class, we’ve specifically written a programme just for them.

We worked with experienced inclusive dance teachers and qualified physiotherapists to ensure the dance programme was befitting.

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