How dance can boost your child’s development

The influence of dance on early learning

As a parent, you’ll know that early learning has many benefits for your children’s development.

Whether you’ve signed them up for toddler dance classes or ballet lessons for your seven-year-old, you’ll be amazed at the difference these activities can make.

Benefits of early learning

Learning through dance and play

Children learning through dance and playChildren learn best when they’re having fun. It helps keep them focused on the activity and learning valuable lessons.

Here at Tiny Toes Ballet, we understand that children learn about the world through play. Many research studies have investigated how providing plenty of early play helps your child physically, socially, and mentally develop.

It encourages babies, toddlers, and young children to learn to solve problems, focus and remember things. It also encourages them to develop their communication skills and works to fuel their imagination.

Learning games and activities to do with your children

Physical Benefits of Dance

Our dance classes have a number of physical benefits for your children. Whether you have a baby, toddler or young child. 

Physical benefits of danceAreas of physical development that we work on:
  • Balance
  • Core strength
  • Full body coordination as well as hand/eye coordination
  • Aerobics movement
  • And more.

These are just a few benefits of ballet classes for children under seven!

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Mental Benefits of Dance

We also work on other developmental domains such as cognitive skills too. Our classes are designed to be fun to keep your child engaged, whilst also working on boosting your child’s development.

Cognitive benefits of danceExamples of cognitive benefits of dance:
  • Learning about shapes and colours
  • Helping with problem-solving
  • Encouraging decision making
  • Working on patterns, concepts, and sequencing

Is my child too young for ballet?

Social Benefits of Dance

The benefits of early ballet classes are not just limited to physical and mental either. We help encourage their social development with dance.

Some social developments that we concentrate on:Social benefits of dance
  • Having a positive attitude
  • Learning to listen, observe and have respect
  • Working with a partner
  • Sharing and cooperating with others



Emotional Benefits of Dance

Ballet classes are one of the best ways for babies and children to develop emotional skills.

We work to boost their emotional development, including:Emotional benefits of dance
  • Working on their focus and perseverance
  • Imagination, creativity, and invention
  • Encouraging them to self-calm and relaxation
  • Facing their fears
  • Expressing themselves
Benefits of dance for children with additional needs


How children learn through dance and playHow Tiny Toes classes support early learning

The dance teachers at Tiny Toes Ballet are all knowledgeable and experienced at encouraging little ones to learn.

Many of the dance teachers are parents or qualified primary teachers who know all about developing fun classes to encourage learning.

Our dance classes focus on providing a fun learning experience to help boost their development. As parents also join the classes for our younger students, you'll find that you pick up on a few tips that you can do at home too!

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