tiny toes balletBenefits of early learning

Dance is a rewarding and beneficial experience for everyone involved. 

Apart from teaching vital physical skills, dance, being naturally kinesthetic, is the best way for babies and children to develop other skills, too.

Benefits of Tiny Toes Ballet

Ten reasons to start dancing early:

1. It's natural

Babies have a natural affinity with movement- even before birth, the very first thing they respond to is the rhythm of their mother’s heartbeat and the music of her voice. Babies sing before they can talk and dance before they can walk.

2. It develops communication skills

More than 70% of communication is non-verbal and at tiny toes we make use of that fact, using facial expressions, bodily movements and the universal language of mime to help develop and nurture these vital communication skills.

3. It helps to bond

It is scientifically proven that dance helps social bonding. Our tiny toes programme encourages parents and carers to play, dance and interact with their baby, which in turn will help to build a sense of wellbeing which is so important throughout childhood and adult life

4. It has cognitive benefits

Unlike other forms of exercise, dance connects with the emotional centres of the brain. As a result, it produces more endorphins, boosts happiness, increases spatial awareness and improves creative thinking patterns.

5. It's the best way to learn

The first years of life are a vital period for early brain development, 90% of a child's brain development happens before the age of five. Movement is the gateway for all learning during the first five years of life because the sensory, motor and social development precede language and logic skills. Children learn by playing and doing. Dance, in particular, integrates kinesthetic learning with understanding. 

6. It develops physical literacy

Our programme creatively builds children's strength, balance and coordination, encouraging healthy physical age-appropriate development. Research shows that children who are active in early childhood are more likely to be active later in life. 

7. It encourages confidence and wellbeing

Body confidence and wellbeing are so important for all of us. Dance and movement will help youngsters to build a tangible sense of ‘self’ from the inside.

8. It develops creativity

Our tiny toes sessions are designed to encourage creativity and independent thinking. In an ever-changing world, the ability to adapt and think creatively is essential 'Creativity is majorly one of the top three skills required by every employee.

9. It's so much fun

Our termly themed topics engage and delight everyone from our Tip Toes babies to parents and grandparents. Be amazed as both children and their grown-ups are transported into a magical world of make-believe where imaginations are boundless!

10. EYFS Curriculum

It's the UK's only ballet programme fully integrated with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Give your child a head start and join our unique educational dance programme

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