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What happens in a tiny toes ballet class?

Each term we have a different theme with sensory-rich props and resources to engage children and to aid their all-round development and knowledge by incorporating into classes the EYFS curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage).  They will begin the class with a warm-up and carry out a number of imaginative ballet exercises related to the termly theme of our childrens ballet classes. The class then focuses on coordination, poise, spinning, stretching, balancing, hopping, jumping, galloping and skipping. In the last section, we help pupils to explore their rhythm, imagination and creativity as we explore dance through the captivating ‘storybox’.

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Where are tiny toes ballet classes held?

The classes are held in community centres, church halls and dance studios. The full address and map location of your class are displayed on each class location page as well as on your booking confirmation email.

How do I find my nearest tiny toes ballet class?

Tiny toes ballet classes continue to grow in popularity and are opening in new areas all the time. Please click here to find your nearest class. If you cannot find a local class register your interest here. You will then be notified when classes are due to open in your area.

Tell me about fees and booking?

Each 40-minute class costs a minimum of £6.50. Fees are payable on a per-term basis. Your child is welcome to join at any point during the term providing there is space (please don't worry, this will not affect your child's progress negatively due to the design of our classes). Fees are then calculated on a pro-rata basis. Book here

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Do children really all-round benefit from our ballet classes?

Yes, without question. Movement is the key to all learning. Tiny toes ballet is the only preschool ballet programme fully integrated with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Tiny toes offers a multitude of educational benefits including developing your child's knowledge and understanding of the world around them, language and number skills. Ballet is also wonderful for developing coordination, agility, strength and poise. The magical approach of our tiny toes classes ensures children's confidence and self-esteem thrives. Whether you are looking for ballerina classes for 4 year olds, ballet for 1 year olds for girls or boys our tiny toes ballet classes offer an all round developmental benifit for all of our pupils.


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Can my child join classes mid-term?

Yes, your child is welcome to join at any point during the term providing there is space. Fees are then calculated on a pro-rata basis. Our programme is designed around a spiral curriculum. Ideas and concepts are revisited and so joining at any point of the term is fine.

Do parents participate in the class?

tiny toes ballet classes are a great opportunity to spend quality time with your child. Parents must take part with their child in the tip toes (6-18 months) and twinkle toes (18 months- 2.5 years) classes. For our talent toes classes (2.5- 4 years) parents' participation is encouraged but not essential. Parents must be in the room with their child but they can watch if they wish. Children attend Twirlers (3.5-5 years) and Spinners (5-7 years) without parents.

How long does each session last?

The ballet classes last for 40 minutes. Tap classes range from 20-30 minutes. Combined ballet and tap classes last for one hour.

What should children wear?

Children should wear clothes that they feel comfortable in and can move freely in. If they do not have ballet shoes, children should have bare feet to avoid slipping.  We are very proud that all our uniform is made in the UK and supports local business. It is also made using suitable planet-friendly material some of which is recycled via the Health Seas initiative. There is a compulsory uniform for children who attend Twirlers and Spinners classes. 

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What training do the teachers have? 

All our teachers must pass a rigorous assessment before they can become tiny toes teachers. They also take part in continual CPD throughout the year. All teachers have ballet qualifications and many are also experienced primary school teachers. Our teachers are trained in establishing a positive and safe environment in which active learning and progression can take place. All teachers are DBS checked, have paediatric first aid training and public liability insurance.
Click here for further information about our teacher training programme.

Offering tiny toes classes in my area

We want to share the magic of tiny toes with as many children as possible across the UK and further afield. If you are interested in offering tiny toes classes in your area please Click here for further information 

Is it for Boys?

At tiny toes ballet we offer children’s ballet classes that are fun, stimulating, and based on themes that both boys and girls love. Children's ballet classes are a good source of fun and exercise, but also a creative outlet. Ballet for boys and girls allows children to express themselves in a fun, energetic and engaging way that is non-judgemental. Read more about our children's ballet classes for boys here

Our Shop and Uniform Orders

We usually place uniform orders once a term, this is usually after the first two weeks of each six-week term. All uniform orders are placed via the shop and are bespoke and made to order. Delivery time, after this termly order date, is usually two weeks. Please get in touch with your area to find out about the expected delivery date of your order.


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