Benefits of dance classes for babies

There are so many benefits of early learning, from social to physical. Our dance classes are fully integrated with the EYFS curriculum.

How dance classes can boost physical development in infants

dance classes for babies under 18 months oldChildren’s dance classes offer a rich range of benefits, including boosting their early development. But at what age do the benefits of dance classes start?

Our early learning journey covers babies from six months, right up to children aged seven years old. We are the only pre-school ballet and dance programme in the UK that’s fully integrated with the EYFS curriculum.

Benefits of early learning

Dance – the perfect activity for babies

We offer a dance class aimed at babies aged 6-18 months old. Baby dance classes are a great way to introduce your child to movement in a sensory-rich environment.

It’s a great parent and baby bonding activity where you’ll work through their natural developmental stages.


Benefits of dance classes for under 18 months old

  • Offering a rich sensory experience for babiessensory activity for babies in dance class

Dance classes for under 18-month-olds provide a wonderful sensory activity.

In a lovely and relaxing environment, you’ll help introduce your little ones to experience and learn about the world around them.

  • Boost their early learning

You’d be amazed at how much you’ll see your children grow over the space of our dance terms.

Our dance syllabus has been specially designed for your children’s age and will work through their natural developmental stages.

Fun learning activities to do with your baby
  • Feel supported in encouraging baby developmentparent and baby at dance class

No more feeling overwhelmed with what activity is best for your baby. Our teachers will guide you through each activity and movement.

It’s also a great opportunity to be surrounded by other parents or guardians in the same boat as you! It’s a wonderful time to be able to share tried and tested tips.

How dance can boost your child’s development
  • Great bonding time for your baby

It’s a lovely time to bond with your little one in a calming environment. It’s hugely beneficial for both you and your baby to experience that social connection time.

  • Encourages communication skills

After the recent pandemic, we’ve all learnt how valuable interacting with other children is for young kids. As babies begin saying their first words, it’s important to make sure they’re getting plenty of examples of child or toddler speech.  

This exposure to simplified child language helps encourage babies to communicate faster. It’s why you’ll often see children with older siblings hit milestones faster.

  • Physical benefits of dancing for babiesphysical benefits of dance classes for under 18 months old

When babies participate in activities that encourage physical development, it can help their little muscles grow stronger.

From encouraging reaching to strengthening their neck muscles, an activity like dance class can make a big difference.

How to book a baby dance class

We have dance classes for children across the UK for ages up to seven years old.

However, if you would like to speak with your local dance teacher, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

You can also book a free taster session with many of our tiny toes dance franchises first! 

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