9 fun activities to help your children learn

Learning games and activities to do with your children

The early years of a children’s development are some of the most important! Here at Tiny Toes, we are all about enabling children to grow and develop.

We’ve put together a handy guide filled with educational games and learning activities to do with your children. From learning games your baby will love, to tasks that will challenge your five year old.

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Development activities to do with your baby

1. Pull funny faces at your baby

Babies will love being entertained by your funny faces. It’s also a great way for your baby to learn how to express themselves using facial expressions.

As they get older, you’ll find that they start to experiment and try to copy the faces that you make too.

2. Tummy time games

This is a very important activity for babies to do – it helps strengthen their arms, neck and back.

Keeping them entertained with games and stories while in tummy time will help them start to enjoy it.


3. Singing nursery rhymes

It’s a great chance to bond with your baby by helping them perform the actions that go along with the song.

Using plenty of expressive faces will help keep your baby engaged and interested in the activity.

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Learning games for your toddler

4. Build a paper tape balance course

Encouraging your toddler to try to follow and balance on a paper tape path that you’ve laid out on the floor is a great concentration-building task.

It also helps your toddler work on improving their physical skills like balancing and body coordination. 

5. Get creative and make things with your hands

Whether you’re encouraging finger painting or playing with toddler-safe dough, it all encourages your child to express their creativity.

It’s a fun way to practise those fine motor skills by encouraging them to use their hands in different ways.

6. Do an outdoor nature scavenger hunt

Put together a list of things you might find outdoors (e.g. a red leaf, a puddle, an acorn or even a spider). Take the list with you on your next walk and encourage your toddler to cross items off the list when they’re spotted!

This is great for encouraging emotional growth by teaching patience, perseverance and even focus. It’s also great to help practise the name of the things you find on your adventure.

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Fun learning activities to do with five-seven year olds

7. Set up a treasure hunt

Your child will love following clues on their treasure hunt to find their end prize. They’ll be able to work on their problem solving, teamwork and listening skills in this learning game.

You could even make incorporate things they’ve recently learnt in school or dance class as clue answers.

8. Practise tongue twisters together

Your child will love learning the funny-sounding tongue twisters, but it’s also a great way for them to practise their pronunciation and language.

You’ll find that this works on their social development too because they need to listen to you speak the tongue twister carefully before repeating it back.

9. Play ‘Simon says’ with more complex actions

It’s a great way for your children to practise their listening as well as work on their physical skills.

Using complicated instructions like ‘touch your nose and stand on one foot’ or ‘tap your tummy while jumping’ helps improve their focus and full-body coordination.

Benefits of dance for special needs children

How Tiny Toes Ballet helps children develop:

  • Physical benefits of dance class include working on their balance and body coordination.
  • Social benefits of dance include helping your toddlers work on their listening and sharing.
  • Emotional benefits of dance classes are supporting them on things like their creativity and self-expression.
  • Cognitive benefits of our dance classes include problem-solving, decision making and even shapes and colours.


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If you have any questions, or if you’d like contact information for the dance teacher in your area then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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