Exciting times at our tiny toes ballet AGM

The recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) of tiny toes ballet was a resounding success, filled with positivity and enthusiasm.

The event served as an excellent platform for franchisees to share their experiences, discuss the teaching program, look at marketing strategies and discuss the development of their unique nurturing curriculum.

Founder of tiny toes ballet, Emma Morgan, expressed her delight, stating: "It was such a positive day and was great to be surrounded by a tiny toes franchise team who are all so motivated and committed to ensuring our pupils have the best experience, which ensures fun within a nurturing and confidence-building environment and enables every child to grow and develop at their own pace."

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During the AGM, our franchisees also recapped on our unique learning journey and weekly learning outcomes - offering a meaningful learning experience for every tiny toes pupil.

Tiny toes ballet continues to provide enriching children's ballet experiences for kids aged between six months to seven years old across the UK. The AGM highlighted the dedication of the franchisees, who are pivotal in delivering our high-quality kids' dance classes that emphasise fun, creativity, and developmental milestones.

Below are comments from some of our fabulous franchisees about the day:

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