Miss Jo's Easy & Effective Home Workout

Hello, my name is Miss Jo and I own the Gravesend tiny toes ballet franchise.

For anyone who wants to start exercising and does not want to pay for a gym membership (which you really don’t need!): this short circuit work out will be easy to fit into your day and to repeat over the next few weeks for fantastic results.

A short circuit workout which will only take you 20 minutes a day for you to feel fitter and happier.

See the short demonstration video to help guide you on how to execute the exercises correctly below.  This video is uploaded to our Youtube channel along with our other demonstrations, including “Ballet Fit”.

**Please make sure to only take part in an exercise regime if you have been given the all clear from your GP**

I hope you enjoy the workout. It can help you to take a step in the right direction to looking after yourself. We do only get one body after all, why not look after it?!

P.S. your little ones can join in with you too if they like! It is always more fun if you have a workout buddy!

Circuit training is ideal for getting a lot done in a short amount of time - there’s no reason to make it too intense to still see results.

Some exercises are ideal for any level of experience, and some have two options. Option 1 is for beginners/weaker joints and muscles and Option 2 is for more advanced/stronger joints and muscles. 

Perform every exercise for 30 seconds each, one after the other, but take rests in between each.  Start with a 30 second rest between each exercise.  Then 2 Rounds = 20 mins!

To progress: 

As you progress, increase your work time by 10-15 seconds and decrease your rest time by 5-10 seconds.

If you have any questions or would like any more help or advice on home workouts for you and your little ones, please do feel free to get in contact with me via email [email protected]or phone 07852357229.

It’s been really heart warming to see more people being publicised in the media, I have seen a real spike in people wanting to get fit and finally take care of themselves like they deserve! It’s great that we are finally seeing the true value in looking after ourselves

High knees:

Keep your back straight and try to pull your stomach muscles in the whole time – using the right muscles for balance will help your core strengthen and take tension from your back.

Raise your knees up to touch your hands. Hold your stomach muscles in tight the whole time.


Imagine you are taking a seat and standing up again. Keep your weight in your heels. Stick your bottom out and keep your chest proud. Squeeze your glute muscles (bottom) when you stand.

Heel kicks:

Keep your back straight, stomach muscles in tight and aim to kick your heel as far as you can.

Rotating lunges

Step one foot in front of the other whilst bending both knees to 90 degrees if you can, rotate to one side squeezing your stomach muscles in to bring back to centre.

Jumping Jacks

Make sure you are putting your heels down each time you jump so that the weight is distributed evenly throughout the feet, not just up on your tip toes.

Press ups

Wall press ups are great for those with bad knees, and for all beginners to get the correct form for harder press ups in their progression.

Floor version - Hips should be pushed down enough without arching your back so suck stomach in to help. Hands in line with shoulders and body weight distributed forward over the body (you can judge by looking down to check your head is more forwards than your hands)


One leg is lifting up in towards your chest whilst swinging the opposite arm to leg. Make sure your other knee on the ground is in line with the toes, squeezing your stomach muscles as you raise your knee. Change sides on round two.

Back extension pull backs

Lying on your front, keep your legs relaxed on the floor. Raise your head off the floor whilst keeping your neck in line and looking down to the ground. Pull the arms down and back whilst squeezing your shoulder blades together.

Hamstring walkouts

Keep your stomach muscles in tight the whole time, walking your hands out till you are in a plank-like position on the floor, hands in line with your shoulders and bottom down, then walk your hands back to start position.


Keep your bottom down so that everything is in a straight line: your stomach muscles tense the whole time making sure not to arch the back. You should have one straight line from head to feet!

Since the age of 2 I have loved dancing

This then led to a love of everything health and fitness and I have been a fully qualified personal trainer and Zumba instructor for many years.

I feel very strongly about the importance of looking after ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally, and this pandemic has shown us we can look after each other better too as a result. 

I hope you enjoy your workout! Let us know if you and your little ones try them!

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