More children giving ballet a go!

Online ballet classes for primary school children

Not all children have the same access to dance classes, but through this outreach program, using video lessons aswell as in-person lessons with professional dancers and real musicians, primary-aged children from across the UK are having more access to dance.

It is well known that dance offers so many transferrable skills such as building creativity, coordination, and confidence. But not only that, dance and ballet help the brain development as well as developing muscles for many transferrable skills which are needed for a range of different sports.

This video clip Ballet: The kids taking lessons at school - CBBC Newsround interviews children who have taken part in the program, from their apprehensive impression of what it would be like to their final opinions "dance makes me feel happy, alive, it helps me move in different ways, I can never imagine not doing ballet"

It makes us so happy here at tiny toes ballet to know that these opportunities are available and that more and more children around the UK have access to the joy and benefits of dance and ballet. 

At tiny toes, we often work with schools from one-off 'themed classes' to full-scale theatre shows. Here is one headteacher reporting on one of our Creative lead projects 

Read more about the 'Primary Steps- On Demand' programme for primary schools here Primary Steps On Demand - The Royal Ballet School

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