Understanding your child's learning journey book

Embarking on the tiny toes ballet journey is more than just introducing your child to the wonderful world of kids' dance; it's about nurturing their overall development through a meticulously designed programme. The tiny toes ballet learning journey book that you receive in your welcome pack is a wonderful companion for tracking your child's growth and achievements as they progress through our programme.

What is my child's learning journey book for?

Your child's learning journey book tracks their development and progression through 5 stages of our programme. Each stage is divided into the 6 areas of learning upon which the tiny toes ballet programme is built:

  • Basic Ballet Movements 
  • Moving and Travelling 
  • Ballet Arms
  • Performance and Confidence
  • Musicality
  • Learning About the World Around Me

There are 180 simple, but very meaningful learning objectives set out over the seven years of this programme. At the end of each class, your teacher will put a sticker in your child's learning journey, showing your child's progress and giving a sense of accomplishment.

What does my child learn in a tiny toes ballet class?

Tiny toes ballet is the only pre-school ballet and dance programme in the UK that is fully integrated with the EYFS curriculumOur award-winning children's ballet classes include fun, learning, storytime and so much dancing!

There are so many benefits to our classes; building confidence, developing coordination, encouraging creativity to name a few. Movement is the gateway for all learning during the early years of life because sensory, motor and social development precede language and logic skills. Children learn by playing and doing and dance, in particular, integrates kinaesthetic learning with understanding.

Our programme is a proven model, designed to foster crucial skills through movement and social interaction during the most important years of your child's development. 


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