We need artists who are representative of the world we live in

At tiny toes ballet we are passionate about bringing the joy and benefits of dance to all children. 

We are so delighted to come across this new pilot scheme ‘Ballet Futures’ aimed at incentivising children  from traditionally underrepresented groups (African Dispora, Caribbean, South Asian and South East Asian heritage) to participate in professional ballet training at the earliest possible point.

From the very beginning we have been committed to bringing the joy of dance to everyone; working hard during the COVID pandemic to offer our free lockdown programme to all children aged 7 or under, across the UK, launching our ‘inclusive dance programme’ in 2021 and currently making preparations for our ‘Refugee Free Places’ campaign to help all children access and experience the joy of dance and ballet.

Any of our tiny toes ballet spinners aged children who are seven or eight may also want to think about auditioning for this fantastic opportunity. You can read more about the project here Ballet Futures: The Pipeline Project - English National Ballet

Participants will not only receive free tuition and costs for their uniform but also the chance to work with the English National Ballet company throughout the year  ENB at Home | English National Ballet

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