Why spending time on devices is detrimental to health and happiness

Children learn through play and dance

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Why is preschool dance important for boys and girls?

It’s so important in our hectic lives today, where everyone seems to be striving for something more, to be able to put down your phone and have conversations with real people.

This leads me to the fact that today, children are spending less time playing physically and less time creating imaginary games. So many children are becoming socially isolated as they spend more time in front of the television and playing computer games.

As a result, they lose out on important time to develop the essential skills of empathy, communication, and the ability to read emotional language.

Pre-school dance classes are the perfect way to develop imagination through physical play.

Find out how dance can boost your child’s development - tiny toes ballet

You may think about ballerina classes for three year olds, but don’t all children regardless of gender and age need to move to learn?

The fact is that preschool children primarily learn through physical and sensory experiences.

Preschool children do not conceptualize abstract processes (Piaget). They primarily learn through physical and sensory experiences. That’s why tiny toes ballet is a perfect pre-school dance class to develop these processes. When children are provided with creative movement problems, they learn to think through this movement. Thus, learning the art of dance helps young children develop knowledge, skill, and understanding about the world from such a young age. 

Benefits of dance classes for babies - tiny toes ballet

Learning language and learning dance are not separate threads, but are woven together to form the basis of all communication and understanding. 

Interested in a Children’s ballet class to spark imagination and develop important literacy skills?

  Weekly Classes - tiny toes ballet

To the young child, verbal language and movement are entwined.

Preverbal movement does not stop when a child develops language. Literacy involves the translation of movement expression and communication into words.

Our tiny toes ballet classes for all preschool children from 1,2,3, 4, or 5 years old support this essential learning.

Why wait- book your space today and watch your little one thrive in so many ways!

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