Movement is the gateway for all learning during the first five years of life because sensory, motor and social development precede language and logic skills. Children learn by doing. Dance, in particularly integrates kinaesthetic learning with understanding. Our Tiny Toes Ballet sessions are perfect for boys and girls within any nursery or pre-school setting.


What we offer:

We can offer a range of different topics from our 14 planned themes or we can even plan a bespoke theme for you.

Visiting your setting weekly, or every other week, we offer packages from as little as £50.


Tiny Toes Ballet deliver so much more than just a dance class. If I could wish for all children to have the right to enjoy the love of dance, music and language, Tiny Toes Ballet should be made statutory. It is simply an incredible experience for all those children lucky enough to have the chance to experience it. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience tiny toes classes with three of my grandchildren.

Carol-Jane Jennings, Primary Cluster Literacy Coach, Former Secondary Head of English and Literacy & Numeracy Leader.


As a teacher myself, I have always been in awe of the level of preparation and planning that goes into every session! Emma has managed to take her passion, knowledge and enthusiasm and pass that onto her team of staff...this is no mean feat and as a result, the standards have remained outstanding even as the business has grown.

The children learn resilience, discipline, posture, how to deal with success and disappointment and all whilst not even realising it as they are having so much fun. 

Stacey Bevan, Curriculum Leader and Literacy Co-ordinator 


What do sessions include?

All session includes a variety of fun music from around the world, movement and activity games and exercises as well as lots of sensory-rich themed props and resources, to aid learning. 

For over 15 years we have been working with schools, teachers, nurseries, parents and educational establishments to enhance, enrich and expand children's enjoyment of the world through multi-sensory music and movement experiences. Our programme has bee designed by an experienced primary school teacher, a qualified ballet teacher alongside a paediatrician, to ensure all the activities are age-appropriate for the young ones in your care and integrated with the EYFS.  You will be amazed as you see the children developing key skills including coordination, language, communication, creativity, core strength and teamwork all within a fun-filled environment.

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