Tiny Toes Ballet: Celebrating Excellence and Impact in Children's Dance Education

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Tiny Toes Ballet, a renowned name in the world of children's dance education, has been making waves with their exceptional award-winning dance programs and innovative approach. From baby classes to toddler dance classes and even a dance franchise, their commitment to nurturing young talents in the realm of ballet for 2-year-olds and beyond has guaranteed them numerous prestigious awards.

The accolades bestowed upon the award-winning dance company Tiny Toes Ballet and its dedicated team are a testament to their unwavering dedication to children's ballet education. 

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Award-winning tiny toes ballet classes for children across the UK



Bianca Summers, a prominent figure within the Tiny Toes Ballet family, was crowned Staffordshire's New Women Franchisee of the Year in 2019.






Jessica Barnes of Bridgend and Vale of Glamorgan secured a double victory in 2020 and 2021, clinching the Wales Children's Activities and Services Awards for Dance Club of the Year through her baby classes and toddler dance classes aswell as Franchise of the Year.


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Lauren Yeates-Mayo, representing Cardiff, Newport & Cwmbran, received accolades as a finalist in the Children's Activities and Services Awards and Arts, Literature, and Dance Club of the Year categories.






Liz Johnson earned a prestigious spot in the UK Enterprise Awards for Best Pre-School Dance Class of 2023. Liz offers baby and toddlers classes across East Cheshire.

Baby classes and Toddler classes won more awards...

Dance Classes in 2023. Eleanor Caplikiene, hailing from Swansea, Neath Port Talbot, and Llanelli, stood tall as the Wales Children's Activities and Services Awards Entrepreneur of the Year and Arts, Literature, and Dance Club of the Year in 2022






Natalie McCormack, who offers baby classes and toddler dance classes in Essex Mid & South, received recognition as a Club Hub Top 10 Best Dance Schools of the Year in 2021.




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What truly sets Tiny Toes Ballet apart is its integration with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum woven within its baby classes and toddler dance classes, making it the only award-winning dance program in the UK with such a comprehensive approach. This integration ensures that children not only learn the art of ballet but also benefit from a holistic educational experience.

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Our founder, Emma Morgan's dedication to dance education 

In a world often defined by challenges and uncertainties, there are those exceptional individuals who radiate positivity and make a lasting impact on the lives they touch. Emma Morgan, the Founder and Director of  Tiny Toes Ballet, stands proudly among these remarkable souls, having earned a string of accolades that truly celebrate her unwavering dedication and contribution to the betterment of society and her passion for dance education and sharing the joy of dance through baby classes, toddler dance classes and dance franchises.


Among her esteemed accolades, Emma Morgan stands tall as a recipient of the prestigious Points of Light Award. On the 1st of March, the Prime Minister himself, Boris Johnson, took pen to paper to recognise and commend the exceptional service rendered by Tiny Toes Ballet. Emma's brainchild had taken a remarkable stride during the lockdown period, offering free online ballet classes to children, providing a glimmer of light and joy during trying times. The Points of Light Award is a true testament to Emma's heartwarming efforts and the positive impact she has created through the platform of dance.


Emma's ability to spread happiness and positivity has also been acknowledged through The Independent's 2021 Happy List. Her inclusion among the 50 outstanding individuals who make Britain a happier place to live is a testament to her infectious spirit and the meaningful work she has undertaken. Through her leadership and the guiding philosophy of Tiny Toes Ballet, Emma has sowed the seeds of joy and inspiration, reaping a harvest of smiles and gratitude.

Excellence and Impact in Children's Dance Education

Her victory as the South Wales Entrepreneur of the Year showcases her astute business acumen and unwavering dedication to her award-winning dance programme. Additionally, being recognized as a runner-up for Innovation in Business at the Women in Business Awards further underscores Emma's ability to navigate uncharted waters and innovate in pursuit of excellence.

Emma's commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of her work, with Tiny Toes Ballet being recognised as a finalist for Best Provider of Pre-School Classes. This acknowledgment reflects the dedication and care that Emma invests in crafting enriching and engaging experiences for young minds through her baby classes and toddler dance class programmes.

Her recognition as a finalist for the New Woman Franchisor of the Year at the National Awards speaks volumes about her pioneering spirit and her ability to inspire and empower others.

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As the only award-winning dance program in the UK fully integrated with the EYFS curriculum, Tiny Toes Ballet continues to set new benchmarks for excellence in children's dance education. Through their dedication, passion, and innovative approach, Tiny Toes Ballet has created a legacy of outstanding achievements and positive impact in the lives of countless young dancers.

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