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Offering award-winning pre-school children's ballet classes Northampton which include fun, learning, storytime and so much dancing!

We have tip toes class dance classes for babies, twinkle toes ballet for 2 years old, talent toes for pre-school and 3-year-olds all the way up to spinners for seven-year-old children. ballet classes are held on a Saturday at St Luke's Centre, Duston, NN5 6JB Northampton during term time. Free ballet taster sessions are available!

Welcome to 𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑦 𝑡𝑜𝑒𝑠 𝑏𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑒𝑡 Northamptonshire (south) and Oxfordshire (North). Offering award-winning pre-school children's ballet and dance classes from 6 months to 7 years. Our ballet classes for 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds are carefully designed to introduce the wonders of ballet in a playful and age-appropriate way. With our kids ballet classes and kids dance classes, your child will discover the joy of dancing, while also developing important skills such as coordination, balance, and rhythm. Our kids ballet classes encourage creativity, imagination, and confidence. Tiny Toes Ballet Brackley, Bicester & Northampton also offers a variety of kids dance classes for children of all ages. Join us at Tiny Toes Ballet and let your child experience the magic of children's ballet. Book your ballet class today!

Term Dates

Current term: 16th April to 26th May 2024

Next term: 4th June to 14th July 2024

Debbie Bolam

Debbie, originally from the North East of England, has danced since the age of 3. During her early dancing days, Debbie participated regularly in production shows, local dance competitions, festivals and championships where she was once a finalist in the North East Ballet Championships. Debbie trained professionally at The North London Dance Studios and began her professional career dancing at Disneyland Paris, appearing in pop videos and as dancer onboard America’s largest cruise liners; Carnival Cruise lines. After a professional career Debbie gained her Level 4 Diploma in dance teaching and Associate I.D.T.A certificates and ran her own successful dance school for 10 years before passing it on to be a stay at home mum for her two boys whilst they were very young. Out of every dance genre, ballet has always been a passion of Debbie's. She especially loves teaching dance to very young children, witnessing how much joy dancing brings to them and their parents. Debbie is delighted to be opening her own Tiny Toes Ballet school and is very much looking forward to sharing her love of ballet to future generations of Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire.


Our Classes in Northampton

  • Northampton

    St Lukes Centre, Northampton
    Jun-Jul on Saturday

    Term 6 From Saturday 8th June

    Venue: Main road, Duston, Northampton
    Class &
    Time Start &
    End Date
    Spinners Spinners (6-7yrs)Miss Sophie Saturday 9:15am(40 mins) 8th Jun - 13th JulSaturday 8th Jun - 13th Jul9:15am (40 mins) 1 £48.00
    Twirlers Twirlers (3.5 - 5yrs)Miss Sophie Saturday 10:00am(40 mins) 8th Jun - 13th JulSaturday 8th Jun - 13th Jul10:00am (40 mins) 0 £48.00 Join Waiting List
    Sorry, this class is full.
    Twinkle toes (walking) Twinkle toes (walkers - 2.5 yrs)Miss Sophie Saturday 10:45am(40 mins) 8th Jun - 13th JulSaturday 8th Jun - 13th Jul10:45am (40 mins) 0 £48.00 Join Waiting List
    Sorry, this class is full.
    Talent Toes Talent Toes A (2.5 - 4yrs)Miss Sophie Saturday 11:30am(40 mins) 8th Jun - 13th JulSaturday 8th Jun - 13th Jul11:30am (40 mins) 0 £48.00 Join Waiting List
    Sorry, this class is full.
    Tap Toes 1 Tap toes (2-4 years) Miss Sophie Saturday 12:15pm(20 mins) 8th Jun - 13th JulSaturday 8th Jun - 13th Jul12:15pm (20 mins) 3 £18.00
    Talent Toes Talent Toes B (2.5 - 4yrs)Miss Sophie Saturday 12:40pm(40 mins) 8th Jun - 13th JulSaturday 8th Jun - 13th Jul12:40pm (40 mins) 3 £48.00

Other Classes in Northamptonshire (South) & Oxfordshire (North)

  • Banbury

    Hanwell Fields Community Centre
    Jun-Jul on Friday
  • Bicester

    Kingsmere Community Centre
    Jun-Jul on Wednesday
  • Brackley

    Egerton Hall
    Jun-Jul on Tuesday
  • Brackley

    The Radstone Primary School
    Jun-Jul on Sunday

Contact Us

07368 935544
40 Juliet drive
Northamptonshire NN13 6GJ
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