Things to do on a rainy day with your children

Rainy day activities for families

With the weather starting to get colder, we’re starting to see more rain showers. But you don't have to let the rain stop your fun!

We’ve put together some of our favourite things to do on a rainy day together to help inspire you.

The activities range from rainy games to rainy day craft ideas to keep your kids busy.

Fun rainy games

  • Play board games

There’s a reason why board games are so popular. They make a fantastic rainy day activity for families.

Whether you’re a master at Monopoly or the King of Kerplunk, the options are endless!

  • Moving games

This is a great option for fun rainy day games to get your children moving. Think of games like "Simon Says" or "Musical Statues". 

You could even make up your very own fun rainy day moving game to get the whole family giggling.

  • Card games

It’ll depend on how old your little ones are, but there are a few card games that make good options for rainy day activities. Snap will always be a good option for most ages.

  • Indoor scavenger hunts

If you’re looking for rainy day activities for pre-schoolers, look no further. Indoor scavenger hunts are brilliant fun and can be as silly as you want them to be!

Simply make a list of things that your children have to find indoors and let the adventures begin.

  • Balloon games

There are a few different fun rainy day activities that you can do with a balloon.

From balloon keepy uppy, where you try to keep it off the ground as long as possible. Balloon ping pong is an alternative if you’ve got plenty of room.

It’s the same rules, you just have to use a small ping-pong bat to keep it up.

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Rainy day family activities the kids will love!

  • Build a fort with pillows and blankets

This is a classic that I’m sure we all have memories of doing as a child. It has to be one of the most fun indoor things to do when it’s raining.

All you need is some pillows, blankets, and space! Depending on whether you’re looking for rainy day activities for two-year-olds or older children, you could even decide to host indoor tea in the fort!

  • Make shadow shapes

It’s brilliant fun for both children and parents. You need a torch and a wall to make this rainy day idea work, although it tends to work best later on in the day.

You then try to make as many funny shapes, animals, or letters as you can using your hands to make shadows. 

  • Baking

A classic choice for rainy day activities. Your children will love getting to help mix and decorate the baked treat once it has cooked.

They’ll enjoy it almost as much as eating the cake, biscuit, or flapjack! It could be a great opportunity for try out new recipes.

  • Throw an indoor picnic

It’s a good way to spruce up a lunch or dinner when they’re stuck indoors because of the rain. Get a blanket and a picnic basket (if you have one) and pack some yummy food to enjoy together.

  • Make playdough

This suggestion might strike fear into some parents’ hearts. But it’s actually pretty fun to make play dough together from ingredients you have at home.

There are a number of good recipes you can try out, from the traditional playdough to the newly popular cloud dough.

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Rainy day crafts

  • Create cereal box robots

rainy day craft activitiesIt’s a great way to make rainy day crafts using supplies you already have in your home.

To do this you need any cardboard box in the home as well as things to make your robots.

You can decorate your robot with things you have in your home. Ideas could be paint, sequins, buttons, feathers, pasta shapes, dried lentils, or coloured paper.

  • Make a collage out of old magazines

Using any magazine, catalogue, or newspaper, you can make a lovely collage image. Depending on what you have, these could be collages of houses, colours, animals or even an early Christmas list for Santa.

  • Make scrapbooks

Similar to the above, this rainy day activity is great for making use of things in your home. The scrapbook could include your children’s favourite things, printed photographs, drawings, or even putting past craft projects together in one place.

  • Make sock puppets

A great way to get rid of the odd socks that pile up is to make sock puppets together. This indoor family activity is great to get everybody involved, even the big kids!

  • Make pasta jewellery

A little bit of a twist on the classic pasta photo frame. Using any pasta shape with a hole you have to thread it onto a string to make textured jewellery.

You could even paint the pasta first to make the jewellery more colourful and fun!

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