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Our dance franchise offers the perfect combination of teaching the EYFS curriculum whilst owning a profitable business and working hours that suit you.

Are you a teacher? Or a mum who wants a job that works around her family? Maybe you are looking for a second career after teaching?

Read on to find out about a great new career for teachers through our dance franchise opportunity .

Our educational dance franchise allows you to run a business that works around you and your family whilst still allowing you to teach and make a positive difference in young children’s lives. We believe our opportunity makes a wonderful second career after teaching.

Why I wanted to become a tiny toes ballet franchise owner - tiny toes ballet


Tiny toes ballet began in 2010 and was established by a professional dancer, experienced primary school teacher and mum of three boys, Emma Morgan.

"I wasn’t looking for a new career for teachers. I was happy as a primary teacher but I also had a desire to create a dance programme that helped children to develop a love of dance, and to benefit from all the fantastic opportunities that dance can bring. At the time I was a teacher myself, working full time in a Year 5 classroom and felt stifled by the paperwork and lack of importance placed on creative opportunities. The concept of tiny toes began with a handful of pupils in a church hall one Saturday morning. In less than a year, I had to given up my job as a primary school teacher, and we were teaching more than 700 pupils a week."

Read more about our Founder, Emma Morgan BA (Hons) PGCE ARAD, here

Lots of teachers I know ask themselves “What should I do instead of teaching in the UK?”

It's not because they don’t love teaching. It’s because they feel that with endless paperwork, they don't have the time to teach as they want to. 

I wasn’t looking for a second career after teaching but I can confidently say that the tiny toes ballet programme has allowed me to teach a creative curriculum and deliver through the perspective of the learner every single week.

I have always loved teaching, but I know that a lot of teachers are now looking for a second career after teaching. Are you asking yourself what is the second-best career after teaching?

Miss Tracy explains why she purchased a Tiny toes ballet franchise - tiny toes ballet

The perfect new career for teachers

A tiny toes ballet dance franchise allows you to

  • Teach the EYFS curriculum in an engaging way and make a positive difference in young children's lives
  • Run a profitable and successful business working hours that suit you
  • Be part of an award-winning team who support you every step of the way
  • Be part of a programme that is the only one of its kind in the UK- fully integrated with the EYFS curriculum
  • Meticulous lesson plans written by an experienced primary school teacher and qualified ballet teacher
  • We have a different theme every single term, linked to age-appropriate learning goals. All this is complemented by our learning journey which tracks each children’s learning outcomes and achievements throughout our programme.

We want you to spend time doing what you love best with a tiny toes ballet dance franchise

Most teachers went into the profession because they loved teaching. Often teachers feel overwhelmed and feel that their time is taken away from the most important task of helping children learn, seeing them develop and making a positive difference in their lives. Often with modern-day curriculums the perspective of the learner is not always at the forefront and there is little time to develop children’s crucial creative skills.

A dance franchise that works around your schedule - tiny toes ballet

We want you to spend time doing what you love best- making a positive difference to young children’s lives. Our franchise package allows this with a bespoke CRM management system which takes care of all payments, registers, automations, and communication systems quickly and easily. So, no matter how big your school grows (our biggest franchise has over 700 pupils) you will not be bogged down with administration and paperwork! With our online management and booking system, our personal support and meticulous lesson plans, we make it as easy as possible for you to run your own successful business.

Miss Charlotte: Starting my business in the middle of a global pandemic - tiny toes ballet

If you are wondering what to do instead of teaching in the UK- have you considered a tiny toes ballet dance franchise? 

Taking on a tiny toes dance franchise is a fantastic way to experience the freedom, excitement, and financial rewards of running your own business, but without the risks of ‘going it alone’. From your initial enquiry right through to your very first lesson to your very first tiny toes ballet show, we are there with you every step of the way.

Why is tiny toes dance franchise a great new career for teachers?

As the UK’s only preschool dance curriculum that is fully integrated with the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum, our programme gives teacher the opportunity to teach without all the paperwork and additional responsibilities that they find themselves doing. If you are a teacher looking for a new career then a tiny toes business can offer the perfect opportunity to own your success. No two days are ever the same and franchisees relish the diversity of their job and the fact that they can earn full-time wages working part-time hours.

What it’s really like owning a dance franchise - tiny toes ballet

Still wondering what to do instead of teaching in the UK?

It's not just us at tiny toes ballet Head Office, who think that a tiny toes dance franchise is a perfect new career for teachers.

Read our testimonials here to find out why our tiny toes ballet franchisees love teaching our programme

"Running a tiny toes ballet and dance franchise is, without a doubt, one of the most fulfilling careers I've had. If you are thinking of a teaching career change- look no further! 

Read more testimonials from our franchisee here

Maybe you don’t want a new career for teachers? You just want to be able to do what you love and to teach your pupils without interruptions or distractions?

If you are looking for a second career after teaching or a new career for teachers book a free 1-1 today to find out more. There is no hard sell or pressure.

We'd love to speak to you soon- Book a free 1-1 here

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