What it’s really like owning a dance franchise

Exploring the Tiny Toes Ballet franchise opportunity

We have thriving ballet franchises all over the UK, including some in England (like Essex or Cornwall and Devon) and Wales (like Bridgend).

Our dance franchisees own their success and now have a business that works around their schedule. Many of our dance teachers and ballet franchise owners are made up of mothers, dancers, and teachers.

“Apart from the work/life balance, and being your own boss, one of my favourite things about owning a franchise is the range of responsibilities.

More importantly and unmatchable is the feeling you get from knowing that you are positively impacting so many children’s lives with the classes you provide.”

Jess - Tiny Toes Ballet Bridgend and Vale of Glamorgan

Benefits of our dance franchise opportunity:

  • Inspire young children and make a positive difference.
  • Franchise packages come with full support from day one.
  • Your business can suit your routine and be fully flexible.
  • Our dance franchise offers amazing earning potential.
  • Meetings to discuss new ideas or marketing techniques.

If you’re passionate about dance or teaching, then this is the best franchise for you. 

We love working with people who love encouraging children to grow and become the best version of themselves.

How dance can boost a child’s development

What’s the best thing about owning a Tiny Toes Ballet franchise?

“You realise just how much of an impact you are having on a child’s life. Seeing them grow, develop, and enjoy their class really does make the work that I put into the business and the extra hours and tasks, all worth it.”

Natalie - Tiny Toes Ballet Essex

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What made you want to have a Tiny Toes Franchise?


    I wanted to own my own ballet school, but with the backup support of being a franchisee.

    Knowing that there will always be support if needed and a set syllabus for each term makes it easier than preparing my own classes from scratch.

    Tracy – Tiny Toes Ballet Cornwall and Devon

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    After finding the courage to follow my dreams and deciding that life is for living, and not for settling for a job that doesn’t bring you joy. I finally started Tiny Toes Ballet Bridgend & Vale of Glamorgan in January 2019.

    I hope with all my heart that it shows my little girl that she can do anything she sets her mind to, and that “settling” shouldn’t be an option.

    Jess – Tiny Toes Ballet Bridgend and Vale of Glamorgan

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    From day one, before even signing the contract with Emma, I felt included, wanted, listened to and supported as I took on such a big step in my career.

    The integration with the EYFS curriculum and links to ballet, and the way Emma merged them together was unique. It was something I couldn’t wait to share with my area of Essex, and I’ve never looked back since (even through the crazy years of the pandemic).

    Natalie - Tiny Toes Ballet Essex

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What is running a ballet franchise truly like?

Our dance franchisees get to have a job they love and the flexibility to work around their schedule.

We spoke to three of our franchisees in Essex, Cornwall and Devon, and Bridgend and the Vale of Glamorgan to get their take on the day-to-day of owning a ballet franchise.



    Most days involve teaching ballet classes from six months – seven years in the Essex area. Whether you’re having a good day or not, you can’t help but smile when you see how much fun the children are having. How much they are learning and the pride on their parent's faces.

    If I’m not teaching classes, I’m behind the scenes running the dance school – admin, enquiries, social media, promoting and marketing.”

    Natalie – Tiny Toes Ballet Essex

    I teach five days a week and travel between many venues around Cornwall and Devon, so each day I get to enjoy a different location.

    Tracy – Tiny Toes Ballet Cornwall and Devon

    Initially, when I first started my business, I was in business mode 24/7. I soon realised that this was not in line with my reasoning for wanting my own business: I wanted that work-life balance everyone craves and to be present for my family.

    Now I plan my time fully and have created the work/life balance that works for me, my family, and my business.

    There are a lot of different hats to wear as a franchisee, so for me, planning ahead is crucial (that includes coffee plans with friends every now and again too!).

    Jess – Tiny Toes Ballet Bridgend & Vale of Glamorgan

How to enquire about a franchise opportunity near you

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We’d love to have you join our team and join the Tiny Toes Ballet franchise family. 

We are happy to talk through the qualities you'll need to be a successful ballet franchise and answer any questions that you might have.

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