FAQs and Policies

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How do I pay for tiny toes ballet classes?

Tiny toes ballet operates an online payment policy. Once you have registered on the website, your will automatically receive email updates and reminders. Current clients will have priority booking from the beginning to the end date of the current term, to re-book for the next term of classes. After this date client will be able to re-book a different class and booking will also open to the waiting list and general public. 

Tiny toes ballet operates a secure online payment system that meets current legislation.


How is the payment worked out?

Each session is charged at between £5- £8 per class. We offer a 10% discount on full termly fees  if you book for two siblings or more.

You will need to pay for the 6 or 7 week course in advance.


Paying upfront is a big commitment to make, what happens if we don’t like Tiny toes ballet?

Young children of this age need 3-4 weeks to settle into class and to get used to their new environment. However, if after 2 session, you decide that tiny toes ballet is not for you, you will receive a full refund for the remaining weeks of the term.

Where are the classes held?

The classes are held in church halls, dance studios and  aerobics studio's.

How do I find my nearest class?

Tiny toes ballet classes continue to grow in popularity and are opening in new area all the time. Please go to view/ book classes and type your postcode in to find your nearest class. If you cannot find a local class please email info@tinytoesballet.co.uk to register your interest. You will then be notified when classes are due to open in your area.

Are the sessions fully insured?

All teachers have public liability insurance and have enhanced DBS checks.

Are your teachers trained?

All teachers have teaching as well as ballet qualifications . The majority of teachers are also experienced Primary School teachers and are therefore highly trained in establishing a postive classroom environment in which active learning and progression can take place.

Does tiny toes ballet do parties?

Yes! We tailor and personalise each party so that is it unique for your child. Please see the 'Parties' section of our website.

What does the class involve?

Tiny toes is a structured ballet session which involves a warm up, development of ballet skills, rhythm, posture, confidence, co-ordination, imagination and creativity. The classes, which are intergrated with  the Early year Foundation Curriculum, have a multitude of educational benefits including developing your child's knowledge and understanding of the world around them, language and number skills. The classes are taught in a thoroughly positive and encouraging environment.

Each term is themed to engage children and to aid their all round development and knowledge. 


How long does each session last?

Each session is for 40 minutes. 

What should they wear?

Children should wear clothes that they feel comfortable in and can more freely in. If they do not have ballet shoes, children should have bare feet to avoid slipping. Please pick up an order form at class, should you wish to purchase tiny toes tutu's or other products.

Children aged 3.5 and above, who attend twirlers or spinners class, should wear the tiny toes ballet uniform.

Can parents participate?

Tiny toes ballet classes are a great opportunity to spend quality time with your child. 

Parents must participate with their child in the tip toes (6-18 months) and twinkle toes (18 months- 2.5 years) sessions.

Talent toes (2.5- 4 years) - Parents participation is encourage but not essential. Parents must be in the room with their child, but can watch if they wish.

Twirlers (3.5-5 years) and Spinners (5-7 years)- Children attend these classes on their own.

How many children do you have in a class?

Tip toes and twinkle toes- maximum 12 

Talent toes- maximum 15

Twirlers and Spinners- maximum 16

What ballet technique is taught?

Babies are born to dance; when music is played babies will naturally respond to the rhythm by moving to the beat. Tiny toes ballet classes aim to develop this natural sense of movement and rhythm. The classes are about having fun and developing body awareness and confidence.  From the talent toes classes onwards, specific ballet technique is taught and developed using a variety of techniques and games to ensure children are learning and developing in a fun-filled environment.


Do you do ballet examinations?

We have our own award system so that pupils experience achievement at a level that suits their age.

Certificates and badges are awarded for each stage of the tiny toes ballet syllabus.

At the end of each Summer term there is a medal presentation for all children attending the tip-toes, twinkle toes and talent toes clasess.

For the older children in the twirlers and spinners classes, there is a show in the theatre. This event is a wonderful experience for the children and gives them an opportunity appreciate the true purpose of ballet; to perform in front of an audience. Each pupil is presented with a trophy for their participation.

Tiny toes ballet will be offering Royal Academy of Dance Examination classes for pupils aged 6+  at their sister school 'Dance Academy of Wales' please contact Head Office for further information.