Do extracurricular activities help mental health and boost self-esteem?

Wondering about whether to sign your child up for activities after school? We've covered the benefits of dance for young children.

How ballet can help boost confidence in children

Children are unique. You might have one child who is born to perform and the next might be incredibly shy. But does that mean that one child is better suited to dance?

No, not really. Enrolling your children in extracurricular activities (especially group activities) can help improve their social interaction, boost their confidence, and provide a feeling of achievement.

Benefits of dance for babies

Benefits of extracurricular activities like dance

If you’re wondering how baby ballet or dance classes for your five-year-old will benefit them, we’ve got you covered.

Dance is a worthwhile children’s activity that can help provide valuable lifelong skills for your kids.

We’ve put together a list of advantages for getting your children enrolled in preschool ballet classes.

  • Learning in a positive and low-stress environment

The great thing about our baby ballet classes is that the children are constantly learning. But because it is done through storytelling or in fun and active ways, they don't see it as learning.

Another benefit of this way of learning is that it caters to children with a kinaesthetic learning style as well as others. They learn by doing, and by being actively involved in the learning process.

Here at tiny toes ballet, we cater to those ‘tactile learners’ by encouraging them to move, get involved, test and try different things.

  • Physical activity produces feel-good hormones

It’s a well-known fact that physical activity can produce ‘feel-good' hormones. These hormones will help your children sleep better, focus more, and can even improve their mental health.

So, encouraging dance lessons for babies or ballet classes for toddlers can help reinforce healthy habits early. Ones that they’ll likely carry with them throughout their lives.

How dance boosts the development of children
  • Teaches children to overcome challenges

How children can overcome challengesDance is a wonderful choice for extracurricular activity, as they’ll work with teachers to overcome challenges. It teaches them that practice makes perfect and to try again if they don't succeed at first.

At tiny toes ballet, ‘mistakes’ are learning opportunities. They’re a signal that children are learning and trying new things. Reinforcing this positive perseverance early can really benefit children long-term.

Rainy day activities to do with your children
  • Group activities boost social interaction skills

Group activities can boost social interaction skillsWhether your child is very loud or very quiet, group activities with children their own age can massively improve social interaction skills.

In our ballet classes for children, they’ll learn to work as a team. This facilitates many learning opportunities where they can observe how their friends interact together.

Combine exposure to child-to-child interaction with the positive reinforcement of praise for doing well, and you’ll see their social skills flourish.

  • Allows children the opportunity to express themselves

Dancing gives kids the freedom to express themselves through storytelling, movement and even music.

This creative outlet enables children to both use their imaginations and even explore emotions. So even if they don’t have the words to convey their feelings, they’ll be able to express them physically.

  • Gives children a way to focus on their strengths and passions

In the first few years of a child’s life, they are constantly learning. Developing skills, learning words, acquiring more knowledge, and mastering new movements. Some of these things will come easily, whilst others might be more of a struggle. 

Dancing for young children can give them a way to focus on what they enjoy. A low-stress learning environment to focus on their strengths and passions without feeling additional pressure.

  • Helps them develop a positive body image

dance helps children develop a positive body imageHere at tiny toes ballet, we teach children about their bodies through the fundamentals of ballet. They actually learn information about anatomy and how different body parts work together for us to move.

We teach them that their bodies are unique. That each of them will have special abilities thanks to how their bodies were created.

This way they’ll learn about how amazing their bodies really are and how they need to care for them. Associating positivity with their bodies from an early age.

  • Feelings of unity and familiarity in their group

activities to boost unity in groups of childrenEven if your child is a bit reserved, he or she will form bonds with their dancing group. You’ll find that they develop caring friendships naturally.

Working together to complete dances, or tell stories fosters unity in the group. It encourages the feeling of teamwork and respect within their dance class.

What happens in a tiny toes ballet class?
  • Offer them the chance to perform

Give children the chance to performGiving children the opportunity to showcase all their effort and work is a wonderful thing. And although some young children might feel initially nervous about the idea of performing, it gets easier.

The lesson that bravery and hard work are rewarded is a lifelong skill that your children will take into their experiences throughout their lives.

How our ballet classes for under sevens can help improve confidence

We work hard to produce the only preschool dance syllabus that is integrated with the EYFS curriculum.

Our dance classes for children encourage their natural development, boost self-esteem, and can help improve mental health.

Don't just take our word for it! We've got so many parent testimonials who found that our ballet classes for children were beneficial for their children.

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